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We send you a different selection of craft beers each month. By sourcing from only the best independent brewers and sorting them into different flavour profiles we make sure your fridge is always stocked with beers you really want to drink.


You pick which of our selections matches your taste in beer

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Decide if you want 8, 12 or 20 beers in your delivery


We deliver the beers to you monthly, so you can just sit back and relax


Each case comes with four different beers. We'll always send you at least two cans of each beer - it's more sociable allowing you to share one with a friend; it also makes common sense, because when we send you such great beers you'll very likely want to drink more than one of them.

3 different lagers and a light pale ale for a selection of clean, thirst-quenching beers

From £20

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2 lagers and 2 pale ales give you great variety with nothing too heavy or out there

From £20

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4 pale ales and IPAs covering a broad spectrum of styles and strengths of beer

From £24

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3 x Different Lagers
1 x Light Pale Ale

Lager is by far the most popular type of beer in the world but too often ignored by the craft beer world. Well, not here at Beacon & Buck. Each month we send you a new pack of beers featuring 3 different lagers all designed to offer something a bit different so they compliment each other beautifully. And then we round off the selection with a light pale ale for when you want something with a bit more hop character.

Once you are up and running you will love that feeling of knowing there’s something cold, fizzy and delicious ready and waiting for you every single time you open the fridge

8 packs contain 2 of each beer, 12 packs 3 of each, 20 packs 5 of each. All beers come in 330ml cans.

Image shows a real box we sent out earlier this year, not the box you will be receiving this month. The beers in the box change each month.



2 x Lagers
2 x Pale Ales/IPAs

Our beer subscription service is designed to make sure you always have cold, delicious craft beers – that you actually want to drink! – at home. No more weird experimental brews hanging round at the back of the fridge for months on end. And no more buying a few nice craft cans then topping up with Stella.

The Fresh and Easy delivers a mix of lagers and pale ales that are always freshly brewed, great tasting and easy to drink. And always sourced from brilliant, independent British breweries. So you’ll always find a beer waiting for you that you are excited about cracking open. And with the big box coming in at under £2 a can so can kiss those disappointing mass-produced multi-packs from the supermarket goodbye 😘.

8 packs contain 2 of each beer, 12 packs 3 of each, 20 packs 5 of each. All beers come in 330ml cans.

Image shows a real box we sent out earlier this year, not the box you will be receiving this month. The beers in the box change each month.



4 x IPAs/Pale Ales

If you love big, bold modern craft beers this is the case for you. You’ll get a collection of pale ales and IPAs spanning a range of different styles and strengths to make sure there’s always a beer waiting in your fridge that matches the mood you are in.

So you can expect some classic west coast style IPAs that are clear, piney and deliver a pleasing bitterness. And some hazy, juicy east coast style brews that dial back the bitterness and amp up the tropical fruit flavours. Not to mention session IPAs, more classic English pale ales etc.etc.

And all the while we put together the boxes so the ABVs span from around 4% up to 6% or higher so that whether you’re after a quick midweek tipple or something bit bigger at the weekend, we’ve got you covered.

8 packs contain 2 of each beer, 12 packs 3 of each, 20 packs 5 of each. All beers come in 330ml cans.

Image shows a real box we sent out earlier this year, not the box you will be receiving this month. The beers in the box change each month.


We’ve helped some of the best pubs and restaurants in the country improve the craft beer they serve.

Now we want to do the same for your fridge at home.

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What Does It Cost?


The “Light & Crisp” and “Fresh & Easy” boxes cost £24 for 8 beers or £30 for 12 beers or £45 for 20 beers. The “Big & Juicy” case comes in at £26 for 8 beers, £35 for 12 and £50 for 20 beers.  All the beers come in 330ml cans and our prices include delivery unless otherwise stated and are on a monthly plan, billed every 28 days.

Which Case Should I Choose?


Go for the case that most closely matches your taste in beer. The Light & Crisp box focusses on lighter flavoured beers, in particular lagers and lighter pale ales. The Fresh & Easy box is a broad selection of pale ales, lagers and IPAs. The Big & Juicy box is made up of hop-forward pale ales and IPAs. Still not sure – take our taste test.

What Beers Will I Get?


You will get a selection of independently brewed craft beers based on your taste each month.  Each case contains 4 beers (2 of each in the 8 pack, 3 of each in the 12 pack and 5 of each in the 20 pack). All beers come in 330ml cans. Once you receive your case head to the My Account section of the site to read tasting notes on those beers and to let us know which ones you have liked the most.

How Often Do I Get Sent Beers?


We send you a box every 28 days. If you want to bring forward your next delivery or pause to wait a little longer before receiving your next box you can manage this in the My Account section of the site or email and we can lend a hand.

When Do I Get Billed?


The monthly plan is billed every 28 days. Your next billing date is available in your account at all times in the “My Account” section of the website.

How Do I Get A Free Beer?


Simply rate the beers you’ve received each month and we’ll send you a free beer with your next order to say thanks. The more we can learn about the beers our customers like (and don’t like) the better we can make our service as it grows.

What If None Of The Cases Match My Taste?


We’ve worked hard to put together cases that will suit as many craft beer drinkers’ palettes as possible, but we know it’s a broad church so if you’d like to see different styles represented we are always looking for feedback. Drop us an email at – we’d love to hear from you!

About Beacon & Buck


Who Are Beacon & Buck?


Beacon & Buck is a craft beer company which specialises in getting beers brewed by the very best independent producers into people’s hands.

Our at home service delivers a selection of beers that make sure your fridge is always stocked with a delicious selection of brews that you’ll actually want to drink. Rather than sending you a million different varieties, we select only the best craft beers that match your taste so you can be confident that every time you open the fridge there will be a beer you love waiting for you.

As well as keeping your fridge at home stocked with delicious brews we also work with some of the best restaurants, pubs and venues in the country so drinkers get access to brilliant, independent, British-brewed beers at home and when they’re out.

Which Breweries Do You Work With?


We work with a wide range of craft breweries across the UK. As long as they are independent and produce fantastic beers we’d be happy to include their beers in our boxes.

Where Are You Based?


We are based in the beautiful Berkshire countryside, a short drive away from Reading.

Should you need to get in contact with us by mail our address is:

Beacon & Buck
The Old Dairy
Frilsham Farm
RG18 0XT

Delivery & Admin


How Fast Is Delivery?


You can expect to receive your first order within 3 working days, then every 28 days from then on.

What Courier Do You Use?


All our beers are sent via Parcelforce’s delivery network.

Can Beacon & Buck offer craft beer delivery near me?


We can deliver anywhere in mainland GB at the moment.

Order Tracking


We’ll send you a tracking number via the email address you registered with. You’ll be able to use the link to get the latest updates on your parcel’s progress.



We logistically cannot offer free returns on the boxes of beer due to their heavy weight. If you wish to return items to us the box must be unopened and you will have to pay for delivery to us. If you would like to return an item, please contact and one of our team will be in touch.

Need to know something else? Contact our team

Bear with us, we want to get to know you with some seemingly random questions, but they give us a real understanding of your taste.

Well actually your taste buds, but we won't go into that now.



Americano, I'm a purist

Latte or Cappu-chocho

Milk & Sugar

Hate the taste, no thanks


Put salt on everything

A sprinkle here and there

Salt's fine, but don't want to taste it

Not keen on salty stuff

How do you feel about citrusy stuff?

Would bite into a lemon!

A bit of citrus is always nice

The occassional glass of OJ

Not for me thanks


Great, love the earthiness of them

Yeah, I like them

Wouldn't choose them but its ok if they're in my pie

Get that weird thing away from me

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Lastly, we aren't judging you. But to get your monthly case just right click one of the below, that resembles your drinking habits at home best.

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I don’t like beer. Never drink the stuff*


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