About Us - Beacon & Buck

Ice cold facts. 

We’ve sold a lot of beers. At the last count, over three million pints to some of the UK’s best pubs and restaurants, food halls and sporting venues, bottleshops and bars. So we thought: why not also start selling beers directly to you at home?


You have great taste. We have great beers. 

Anyone for a peanut butter banana ale? Didn’t think so! Our team makes the experience of exploring beer easy and pleasurable. And from selling all those beers, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. What’s more, we use your feedback to tailor our subscription boxes to your personal tastes. Because we believe that finding a great beer should be as simple as enjoying one.


Delivered to your front door. 

Free yourself or a loved one from the shackles of the weekly shop! We know that you’re busy, but we also know that you love drinking beer. Simply pick one of our boxes (and check out our taste test if you need some help) and receive a selection of new and exciting craft beers delivered to your doorstep each month. Let us know what you like best and our team will fine-tune the craft beers you receive the next time.


Meet the team. 

For founders Will and Tom, beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. Over the past decade, they’ve played a central role in the independent craft brewery scene and love to share their experience and findings. If you’ve had a great beer in a great venue recently, the chances are one of them put it there. Ash, meanwhile, is our trade marketing manager and steps into the craft beer world from one of the biggest beer companies around. She likes pillowy soft beers, but appreciates there are some tastes we humans just can’t seem to agree on.


Give it a go. 

Our unofficial motto goes something like this: “A subscription service that keeps your fridge stocked with craft beers you will actually love.” If that sounds good, make some room in your fridge and sign up here.