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Meet the BBQ Pros

26 Aug 2021

We had a lot of fun collaborating on our end-of-summer BBQ Box – a one-off, limited edition case of eight craft beers, along with some advice on what tasty BBQ to eat alongside them. Here’s some background info about Rob Claydon and Kevin Edge, the grill masters who helped us put it together.

Rob Claydon AKA @locarbecue
It’s always easier to pick up skills when you start young, they say, and Rob did exactly that. He has childhood memories of camping trips across the UK, where he’d cook and eat in the great outdoors ‘with the smell of bacon and eggs, and the sound of whistling kettles’. Growing up, he loved cooking shows on TV across the pond in the US, such as Man V Food, and always tried emulating what they cooked.

Rob has a self-described ‘meat-centric approach with low carb sides,’ and cooks anything and everything from tandoori chicken skewers on a bed of lime-dressed salad to T-bone steak seasoned with nothing but salt. But don’t ask him to ever make a rub: ‘The first time I had glazed and confused ribs, it left me exactly how it said on the bottle and I haven’t made my own rub or sauce since.’ Instead, he says, ‘I focus predominantly on proteins and essential fats. These alone will get you BBQ that is quite good. The art for me is a carefully applied seasoning.’

Kevin Edge AKA @edge_bbq
For Kevin, ‘I’ve always enjoyed a BBQ and knew there must be more to it than black sausages and raw chicken.’ Even so, he started out cooking BBQ food too fast and maybe a bit too well done, but he put that right after attending a Weber Grill Academy class – coincidentally, his oven broke the following week, so he started getting plenty of practice on the BBQ.

Kevin only got into cooking on fire three years ago – there’s hope for us all – and says BBQ cooking has really taken off over the global pandemic. ‘Today, I love cooking a quick smash burger for the family, but also love a good hot and fast brisket,’ he says. ‘The aromas that fill the garden are what makes BBQ so special for me.’