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01: Beer, explained

1 Jul 2021

A lot of jargon gets thrown around the craft beer world, with cans covered in specialist lingo. We’ll regularly be dropping entries here in our journal to make sure that finding a great beer is as simple as enjoying one.


DIPA stands for Double IPA – a relatively new and experimental style of beer that you could say has become the flagship style of the worldwide craft beer movement.

DIPA was created in the US following the popularity of India pale ales. By definition, they’re simply an overly hopped pale ale – so just like a single IPA but ramped up with more hops and more malt.

If you like your beers big and strong, DIPAs are definitely for you…


Really, saison is just a highly carbonated pale ale that’s typically quite dry, fruity and a little bit peppery. Gold to light amber in colour, saisons are historically brewed with low alcohol levels, but modern production methods mean they can now also be brewed with high levels of alcohol.

Seasonal farm workers (called ‘saisoniers’) in the French-speaking region of Belgium first came up with the style of beer because they needed something to drink in the absence of clean water.

Over summer, they come into their own. Easy-drinking but with a bit more complexity than a lager, saisons offer thirst-quenching refreshment. No wonder, then, that they’re synonymous with the sun.