Three brewery benefits - Beacon & Buck

Three brewery benefits

18 May 2021

For our trade customers we’ve built up a portfolio of beers that we love – like, really love – from the UK and also from much further afield. By bringing brewers of different sizes, styles, ages and locations under one roof at West Berkshire Brewery, we can offer loads of different beers to suit all tastes. Here are three more brewery benefits:

1) We have some of the most advanced equipment of any independent craft brewer in the UK. This means we can be flexible with brew sizes and be more creative with beer styles. It also means our beers are more sustainable – wave goodbye to thousands of air miles and say hello to a slightly greener planet.

2) Bright and bold flavours from hops deteriorate the longer it takes to transport craft beer from A to B. Fluctuating temperatures don’t help, either. Both are big problems when importing beers. Thankfully, we sidestep all this by making everything locally. Our beers always arrive in peak condition and taste bolder and much fresher.

3) We work closely with the original brewers on the beers we are making at our facility. We have invested in all of the equipment to make sure the beers are brewed with their exact recipes and methods. All the original brewers have sign off on all the beer we produce. So if it doesn’t hit their standards, it doesn’t get released. So we’re bringing everyone who signs up to Beacon & Buck beers they don’t have access to anywhere else – either because the brewers are too far away or because they aren’t in a position to produce beer on a commercial scale.