The great unboxing - Beacon & Buck

The great unboxing

19 May 2021

Beacon & Buck offers three different subscription boxes. What’s inside them? Which one will suit you most?

The vital statistics

Each box is filled with four different varieties of craft beer, which you can order in various quantities (8, 12 or 20). They’re called Light and Crisp; Fresh and Easy; Big and Juicy.

Still with us?

To a large extent, the beers do exactly what they say on the tin – or in this case, the box. Liking one doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t like the others. In fact, here at Beacon & Buck, we’re constantly debating which box is the best, and constantly changing our minds.

Really, it comes down to personal preference. But we can all agree that we really do work with the most exciting brewers around the world to bring you some of the most exciting beers that pay homage to both the past and the future in equal measure.

Okay, here’s a quick breakdown…

Light and Crisp
This box is filled with three lagers and a light ale. They aren’t too hoppy (at least for people like Mr Hoppy). Instead, they’re the kinds of beers you’ll enjoy unwinding with at the end of the day. Above all, they’re refreshing, citrusy and thirst-quenching.

Fresh and Easy
We like to say that this is our all-rounder box, with a nice variety of different beers for different moods. An easy-drinking selection of lagers and pale ales (usually two different lagers and two different types of pale ale). Nothing too heavy or strong. In bartending parlance, all the beers are “very drinkable”.

Big and Juicy
Mr Hoppy’s favourite box, because it’s packed with the most hoppy beers, all of them IPAs and Pale Ales (there’s not a lager in sight). Expect unapologetically big and bold flavours that range in strength from 4% going up to over 5.5%.

Ultimately, there’s something in each box for everyone. But it’s still important to try and get it right from the beginning. So if you’re still not sure which box is right for you, you can check out our taste test here.