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Limited edition, mouth-watering beer bundle to go perfectly with a summer BBQ. Designed alongside grill masters Rob Claydon (@locarbecue) and Kevin Edge (@edge_bbq).

2x Reuben’s Brews, Pacific Pils Dry Hopped Lager (4.8%)
A crisp citrus lager that’s perfect to have while kicking back with a classic grilled hot-dog smothered in onions and mustard. Equally good with a whole grilled sea bass stuffed with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger.

2x Pinetree Brewing Company, House Pale Ale (4.5%)
This easy to drink hazy and juicy pale ale cuts through fatty cuts of meat such as slow-cooked, smoked pulled pork, served in buns with fresh slaw and apple sauce. A double-smashed cheeseburger with crispy bacon and pickles also works.

2x West Berks Brewery, Tropic Like It’s Hot Tropical Pale Ale (4.8%)
This fruity pale ale brings a subtle, tart and pleasant flavour. Perfectly contrasting sticky BBQ ribs served with chargrilled buttered corn. Would be equally at home with tiger prawns with a chipotle and lime dressing.

2x Trouble Brewing, Dark Clouds Porter (4.4%)
A rich and deeply flavoured porter tastes best with BBQ food that is equally dark and robust. Oak smoked brisket or a show-stopping primeval tomahawk cooked over a blisteringly hot fire. Porter’s also great to use as a braising liquor for beef ribs or cheeks.

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